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Rustic. Romantic. Elegant.


Grand Barn


With rafters reaching 35 feet high and over 3600 square feet of floor space, the Grand Barn at Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens is the perfect melding of rustic elements and elegant accents. Hand hewn boards, intricate loft ladders and notched lathe holders speak of a time when hard work, determination and an innovative spirit was the driving force behind the homesteaders who worked this land and harvested crops during the 1800’s. Preserving the integrity of the workmanship in the Grand Barn was, thankfully, a non-negotiable as the current Stoltzfus generation began opening the property to couples wanting to speak their vows and celebrate with family and friends.

The ivory ceiling draping falls in soft romantic billows as it hangs from rafters high above. The sparkle of chandelier lighting adds the perfect touch of elegance while accent lighting illuminates the honey-colored wood of the floors, walls and massive beams making it the perfect place to gather for your special ceremony or festive reception. The Grand Barn seats up to 200 people.Historically Preserved Perfection.

Tobacco Barn


The “little sister” of the Grand Barn, the Tobacco Barn can certainly hold its own when it comes to beauty and craftsmanship. Recently restored, this gem offers a bridal couple a unique venue for their ceremony or the perfect back up plan in case of inclement weather. Boasting gorgeous white beams accented with the original antique hardware and the most incredible floor and stage area you could imagine. Just as they did for drying the tobacco that hung from the rafters, large hinged panels and small louvers prop open and make this a unique showpiece that just
can’t be found elsewhere. Historically preserved perfection. 

19th Century Farmhouse Lawn


There is something captivating, yet oh so charming about the spacious lawn of our 19th century farmhouse. Maybe it is the stately maple tree that seemingly stands guard over the many people of today, and generations past, that have walked under its massive branches. Maybe it is the beautiful flower gardens that surround the lawn, the artistic archway that graces the walkway or the steady whirl of the authentic windmill that keeps time with the breeze that blows. Or maybe, it is the historic farmhouse that sprawls across the lawn holding stories of life and love. Whatever it is, there is a sense of nostalgia that creates the perfect setting for two lives to become one and begin writing their own story.

Lighted Outdoor Lounge


Located adjacent to the Grand Barn, our Lighted Outdoor Lounge area comes to life in the evening as dusk settles over the Homestead. Guests can enjoy great conversation on the comfortable lounge furniture or outdoor dancing under the ambiance of 100’s of tiny globe lights sparkling above. Rent the 8 foot high, custom made fire pit and our staff will tend the roaring fire for your guests to complete the perfect night.

Wedding Garden

The Wedding Garden

Since the beginning of time, gardens have been a magical place that instantly transport guests away from the busyness of everyday life to a place of tranquility and calmness. The Wedding Garden, at Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens, features a delightful blend of colors, fragrances, textures and sounds. Immerse yourself in the romantic hues of floral blooms and the lushness of textured greenery all nestled among magnificent ornamental rocks. The Wedding Garden borders the homestead’s historic tobacco barn and provides a very private, spacious area for a picturesque outdoor ceremony or reception. The Wedding Garden seats up to 350 people.